Octember Eight.

And here I’m in the alleys of past again, Knowning that I’ll go through the same heartaches and pain from which I’ve grown through. I know that I shouldn’t have done it, Walking back into the past just because they need you. Just their one scream of help blurred all the images of the pains […]

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Tangeled things.

No matter how hard you try you can’t resist some persons from coming in your life. Even if they leave you alone billions and millions of time, the count doesn’t matter, Whenever they’ll try to come back in your life all they need to do is a single knock on the doors of your heart […]

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Will you?

& If you saw me smiling, laughing out loud in the crowd, will you come close to me and tell me that the spark in your eyes reveal your greatest fears untold? & If you saw me helping others, Will you come close to me and help me to calm all those hurricanes in me?  […]

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Footprints on our soul.

Some people hurt you so bad, So very bad that you can’t even explain it to anyone. So bad that you can’t even figure out that what you did wrong. So bad that you can’t even understand where it was over. They do not even realise that they hurt you, They do not even realize […]

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Of tiredness & regrets.

I am so tired. I am so tired of everything. I am tired of hearing that I didn’t try even if I tried for them till I ran out of efforts, that I didn’t give them enough, that I didn’t love them, that everything happend because of me, that I was the reason behind the […]

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Of colors, him and life

Blue- The color of the sky on which I traced your face, The color of the oceans and seas which somehow remind me of you when the waves come and go like you did, The type of emotions I’m feeling since you left. BLUE- I was attached to you like glue. Red- Your favorite color, […]

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